GraphDB-SE Installation

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Make sure that the repository template file GraphDBSE/templates/owlim-se.ttl has been copied to the 'templates' subdirectory of the Sesame console's data directory.

h4. Can not create an a GraphDB-SE repository, the Sesame console says unknown Sail type -- owlim:Sail

The Sesame console can not find the GraphDB-SE jar file. Make sure it was copied from GraphDBSE/lib to the Sesame installation folder here: SESAME/lib
From now on GraphDB can be used with TBC in several ways as described below.

# Create an a GraphDB database:
## Select File->New->Other... then type GraphDB (to reduce the options) and then choose "RDF/OWL Local Owlim Database";
## Make any changes to the default configuration and press 'Create';