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GraphDB-Enterprise is a high-performance, clustered semantic repository created by Ontotext. [GraphDB's web site|] provides extensive information and references regarding support contacts and mailing lists, documentation, and latest performance benchmarks.


The key features of GraphDB-Enterprise can be summarised as follows:
* *Scale-out concurrent query processing* allows query throughput to be scaled proportionally with the number of cluster nodes;
* *Resilience in the event of hardware/software failure* means that the cluster remains full functional in the event of a failure of any node;
* *Automated fail-over and load-balancing* keeps the cluster fully utilised at all times;
* *Dynamic configuration and automatic synchronisation* allows nodes to be added or removed at any time;
* *Notification mechanism* allows clients to react to statements in the update stream for the entire cluster.

h1. Interfaces, Standards, Requirements
+Application Server:+ Any JEE Compliant servlet container, e.g. Tomcat
+Syntaxes:+ The import and export of all major RDF syntaxes (XML, N3, N-Triples, N-Quads, Turtle, TriG, TriX) is supported through Sesame.
+Semantics:+ GraphDB supports RDFS, OWL Horst, OWL Max (RDFS with that part of OWL Lite that can be captured in rules), OWL2 QL and OWL2 RL, along with the ability to create customised rule-sets.
+Semantics:+ GraphDB supports RDFS, OWL Horst, OWL Max (RDFS with that part of OWL Lite that can be captured in rules), OWL2 QL and OWL2 RL, along with the ability to create customised rule-sets.