GraphDB-Lite Installation

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This section is for users and system administrators that are unfamiliar with the GraphDB-Lite semantic repository software. The information contained in the following pages should be enough to get started with GraphDB-Lite, i.e. to install and configure the software, so that repository instances can be created and used.


GraphDB-Lite is packaged as a Storage and Inference Layer (SAIL) for the [Sesame RDF framework|]. GraphDB-Lite can be used in two different ways:
* *Library:* One approach is to integrate GraphDB-Lite in an application using it as a library. An example of doing this is given in the 'getting-started' folder of the GraphDB-Lite distribution zip file. Users intending to use GraphDB-Lite in this way do not need to install the Sesame Web applications (Server and Workbench) and need only to set a few environment variables as detailed in the [configuration section of the GraphDB-Lite user guide|GraphDB-Lite Configuration#Getting-Started Application].
* *Server:* Those users wishing to use GraphDB-Lite via the Sesame Server, with or without the Sesame Workbench, should proceed with one of the two approaches detailed in this section. This will cover installing Sesame and integrating GraphDB-Lite in to the Sesame framework, so that GraphDB-Lite can be used as a plug-in repository type. This approach involves deploying Sesame/GraphDB-Lite via a servlet server, such as Tomcat. The Sesame installation comes with a useful 'workbench' Web application that can be used for many administration tasks.

A suitable application server must be installed. The examples in this guide assume [Apache Tomcat|] version 6.x is used. Importantly, the user must have sufficient privileges to write to the Tomcat webapps directory and to stop and start the Tomcat daemon.
An [GraphDB-Lite|] [GraphDB-Lite|] distribution is required. This is published as a zip file. The examples in this guide use version 5.4. 6.
The [Aduna OpenRDF Sesame framework version 2.7|] is required for the longer installation. The examples in this guide use version 2.7.2.

{note}Another application server can be used instead of Tomcat. However, the rest of this guide will describe describes the installation of GraphDB-Lite with this software.
{note}No part of this guide is intended to supersede the documentation published with these 3{^}rd^ party software components and the reader is strongly advised to familiarise himself/herself with these.

Assuming that an instance of Tomcat is available, the installation proceeds as follows:
* Install and deploy Sesame;
* Install GraphDB-Lite and deploy the GraphDB-Lite jar file;
* Add the GraphDB-Lite repository template file to the Sesame console configuration;
* Use the Sesame console to create a new repository.

{noformat}export JAVA_OPTS='-Dinfo.aduna.platform.appdata.basedir=/other/dir/'
set JAVA_OPTS=-Dinfo.aduna.platform.appdata.basedir=\other\dir\
{noformat}Note that setting this environment variable must be done by the same user that runs the Tomcat server. This may not be the case when using 'sudo' to set up/start Tomcat, for instance when using port numbers below 1024, when it is necessary to run Tomcat with root privileges.
The Sesame 2 framework uses a special SYSTEM repository to store its configuration data. Do not store anything else in this repository.
The workbench Web application can be used for many administrative tasks, but it is still experimental. The easiest method to create new repositories is to use the Sesame Console script, which can be found in the bin directory: {{\[SESAME_INSTALL\]/bin/console.bat}} (.sh for linux/unix)
h4. Can not create a GraphDB-Lite repository using the Sesame console

Make sure that the repository template file \[GraphDBLITE\]/templates/swiftowlim.ttl has been copied to the 'templates' sub-directory of the Sesame console's data directory.

h4. Can not create a GraphDB-Lite repository, the Sesame console says unknown Sail type -- owlim:Sail