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h2. Logging of the life cycle
* This is logged to the console via Log4J.
* Example output looks like this - testM2 - (comments on the left before "->"):
[junit] 2014-08-14 18:23:49,178 [main] INFO test.logger - ===========================================
h1. Cluster Verification: Improved cluster stabilisation detection

We verify Verify that the cluster is in good shape at least twice per test: before we you start it and after the test is finished. The old verification process was the following:
# Check if all nodes are on-line and if they have the same number of statements and fingerprints.
# If the check passes, the cluster is OK. Stop.

The new verification process is similar but with two important differences:
# We You still check the states but the waiting period is only 1 second. This enables us you to pick up a "good" cluster quite fast.
# We You count stale states (these are states that are the same as the previous state). If we encounter there are too many consecutive stale states (at the moment this is set to 10), we you can stop the process early. This way we don't you do not have to wait too long, if the cluster is "frozen".