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| {anchor:RDFGM}RDF Graph Model | The interpretation of a collection of RDF triples as a graph, where resources are nodes in the graph and predicates form the arcs between nodes. Therefore one statement leads to one arc between two nodes (subject and object). |
| {anchor:RDFS}RDF Schema | A vocabulary description language for RDF with formal semantics. |
| {anchor:RES}Resource | An element of the RDF model that model, which represents a thing that can be described, i.e. a unique name to identify an object or concept. |
| {anchor:RENT}R-entailment | A more general semantics layered on RDFS, where any set of rules (i.e. rules that extend or even modify RDFS) are permitted. Rules are of the form IF...THEN... and use RDF statement patterns in their premises and consequences, with variables allowed in any position. |
| {anchor:RDF}Resource Description Framework (RDF) | A family of W3C specifications for modelling knowledge with a variety of syntaxes. |
| {anchor:SR}Semantic Repository | A knowledge base engine that is specifically designed to support RDF and the semantics of the various formal languages based upon it. |
| Statement | See 'triple'. |
| {anchor:TR}Triple | A basic unit of information expression in RDF. A triple consists of a subject-predicate-object. |
| {anchor:URI}Universal Resource Identifier (URI) | Is a A string of characters used to (uniquely) identify a resource. |
| {anchor:WOL}Web Ontology Language (OWL) | A family of W3C knowledge representation languages that can be used to create ontologies. |