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One should note that GraphDB performs materialisation, making sure that all the statements that can be inferred from the current state of the repository are indexed and persisted (except for those compressed due to the *owl:sameAs* optimisation, described in section 7.5). When the commit method completes, all reasoning related activities related to the changes in the data introduced by the corresponding transaction will have already been performed.

{note}An uncommitted transaction will not affect the 'view' of the repository through any connection, +including the connection used to do the modification+. This is perhaps not in keeping with most relational database implementations. However, committing a modification to a semantic repository involves considerably more work, specifically the computation of the changes to the inferred closure resulting from the addition or removal of explicit statements. This computation is only carried out at the point where the transaction is committed and so to be consistent, neither the inferred statements nor the modified statements related to the transaction are 'visible'.{note}

h1. Predicate Lists