GraphDB-Lite Introduction

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* To provide the information necessary to use GraphDB-Lite repositories via the Sesame APIs;
* To give instructions on managing repositories through the Sesame web front-end;
* For familiarisation with GraphDB-Lite's reasoning capabilities and rule language;
* To enable the creation of custom installations and configurations of GraphDB-Lite;
* To introduce the most important factors that affect the efficiency of GraphDB-Lite and to provide some productivity tips.
Readers new to GraphDB should read the GraphDB Primer first and then this document in its entirety. This will guarantee that the necessary basic information has been covered in sufficient depth. After some experience using GraphDB, this guide can be used as a reference for carrying out specific tasks.
The following conventions are used in this document:
* Code examples are listed in a {{typewriter-like font}};
* Other important terms, when first introduced, will be are written in _italics_;
* Formulas are always in _italics_;
* References are given in square brackets, e.g. \[3\] means "Refer to publication #3 in the References section";
* GraphDB-Lite, GraphDB-SE and GraphDB-Enterprise are referred to collectively as "GraphDB" in those cases where it is not necessary to distinguish between the editions, i.e. the specifications, features, and/or settings described are common for all editions.