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{excerpt}{*}Bulgariana* {excerpt}*Bulgariana* is an aggregator that contributes Bulgarian cultural heritage content to [Europeana|http://www.europeana.eu]{excerpt}

h1. Mission Statement
h1. The initial contributors to Bulgariana are:

|| Initial funding | [Korean-Bulgarian IT Cooperation Center|http://www.itcc-bg.com] | !ITCC-logo.JPG! || |
|| Initiative, semantic tech, contact point to Europeana | [Ontotext|http://www.ontotext.com] | !Ontotext-logo.JPG! || |
|| Repository implementation | [Sirma Media|http://www.sirmamedia.com] | !sirmamedia.gif! ||{column} |
|| [Sacred places collection|http://bulgarianheritage.bulgariana.eu/jspui/handle/pub/622], community building | [Mozaika|http://www.marianadamova.com/] | !Mozaika.jpg! |