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The current way is more faithful to CRM, but it has some peculiarities/problems regarding *search*.
Remember that by [FR Transitivity], search by Dutch finds paintings by Rembrandt, and paintings by Rembrandt are counted in Creator=Dutch facet.
# If you search for Rembrandt, you *won't* won't find paintings by Workshop of Rembrandt since the transitivity works the other way around.
Don't know what to do, *need to discuss*
*Discussed: this is ok: user needs to select the more specific term "Rembrandt"*
# The Group is ad-hoc: it uses a local (per-object) URL and doesn't have the required attributes for a term (skos:prefLabel and skos:inScheme).
To be searchable, the Group should be associated with a thesaurus (inScheme) that itself is registered in the meta-thesaurus.
BM needs to *fix*
*BM needs to fix*
# If you search for Workshop of Rembrandt, you *will* will find paintings by Rembrandt.
This *may* be OK
*Disussed: this is ok*
# Paintings by Rembrandt will be counted in facets Workshop Of Rembrandt, School of Rembrandt, Circle of Rembrandt, and whatever other related groups are created.
This is probably *not OK*.
*Discussed. Dominic: factually this is true, so it's ok*

Vlado: Emmanuelle, forget about my suggestion yale:PX_is_founder_of, for now let's stick with P107 for consistency with BM

h2. Closely Related Individual
- [BM Association Mapping v2#Produced By Closely Related Individual]