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The resources in the KIM default IE pipeline depend on the KIM default ontology - the [PROTON ontology|].

For mapping an ontology to PROTON you can use either equivalence, or subsumption mechanisms.

(/) Generally subsumption is preferred.
h3. Subclass the three major classes from the new ontology to the corresponding three major classes in PROTON

This means, for example, that when you make making a query to the knowledge base about People from PROTON, the result will be both people from the new ontology and PROTON. On the other hand, if you search when searching for people from the new ontology, the result will be only from the new ontology.

* Create a file called *newOntology_proton.nt* in which you will to store all the RDF data that aligns the ontology to PROTON.
* Put this file in a dedicated folder.