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In the following sections typical administrative tasks relating to the management of a replication an OWLIM-Enterprise cluster instance are covered.

h1. Synchronisation

During normal operations, the master node keeps the cluster synchronised by adopting the approach described in [Replication|Replication Cluster [Replication|OWLIM-Enterprise Administration#Replication]. However, if a worker node becomes out of synch with the rest of the cluster, perhaps because it was offline or unreachable due to network problems then the master node will detect this condition and proceed as follows:
* AutoReplication ON -- a random up to date worker node is used to replicate to the out of date worker node. During this time, both nodes will be unavailable and the cluster will not accept update requests (read-only mode). When replication is complete, both nodes will be returned to the \[ON\] status and the cluster will resume processing updates;
* AutoReplication OFF -- in this mode, the out of date worker will not be available for processing read requests and the cluster will remain in read-only mode. If desired, the *startReplication* operation can be invoked and when completed the worker node and cluster return to normal status.
Make sure that Tomcat has been configured to expose the JMX interface using either JAVA_OPTS, CATALINA_OPTS or by configuring the Windows Tomcat monitor application, see section 3.3.2.

h4. Can not copy BigOWLIM OWLIM-Enterprise jar file to the Sesame WEB-INF/lib directory.

This directory will not exist until the Sesame war files have been deployed to the \[WEBAPPS\] directory AND Tomcat is running. If the war files have been deployed, but the directory does not exist, try restarting Tomcat.
Make sure that the Sesame war files have been deployed and that Tomcat is running. Restart Tomcat if necessary.

h4. Can not create a BigOWLIM OWLIM-Enterprise repository using the Sesame console

Make sure that the repository template file \[BIGOWLIM\]/templates/bigowlim.ttl has been copied to the 'templates' subdirectory of the Sesame console's data directory.

h4. Can not create an BigOWLIM repository, the Sesame console says unknown Sail type -- owlim:Sail

The Sesame console cannot find the BigOWLIM OWLIM-Enterprise jar file. Make sure it was copied from \[BIGOWLIM\]/lib to the Sesame installation folder here: \[SESAME\]/lib

h4. A long error message/Java exception is given when trying to query a new repository instance.