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** Federation is not yet supported. This will be implemented in a later version of Sesame and OWLIM later this year.
** There are some problems with [complex expressions|http://www.w3.org/TR/sparql11-query/#selectExpressions] in the SELECT clause. This should be fixed in the next release of Sesame/OWLIM.
** Empty IN() and NOT IN() clauses will cause an exception - will be fixed in the next release.
** Using the aggregate function SUM() will cause an exception if the there are no bindings over which to do the summation - will be fixed in the next release.
* *Wider entity IDs:* For very large datasets that contain more than 2{^}32^ unique entities (URIs, blank nodes and literals), OWLIM can be switched in to a new mode that uses 40bit IDs, thus allowing over 1 trillion unique entities.
* *Access to internal entity IDs:* For some applications, especially where RDF URIs are use to index external data, e.g. some legacy system or some other type of storage, then a special predicate and function can be used to find the internal ID used to index an entity or to find an entity based on its ID. This allows for more efficient indexing in external systems, where an integer index can be used instead of a URI string.