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** Federation is not yet supported. This will be implemented in a later version of Sesame and OWLIM later this year.
** There are some problems with [complex expressions|http://www.w3.org/TR/sparql11-query/#selectExpressions] in the SELECT clause. This should be fixed in the next release of Sesame/OWLIM.
** Empty IN() and NOT IN() clauses will cause an exception - will be fixed in the next release.
** Using the aggregate function SUM() will cause an exception if the there are no bindings over which to do the summation - will be fixed in the next release.
* *Single Java library:* OWLIM-Lite is now packaged as a single jar file, {{owlim-lite-<version>.jar}}, and is covered by one free-for-use license. Previously, the Sesame wrapper around the TRREE engine was open-source and the TRREE engine was free-or-use.