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- says "Bullard, Alfred" was named on 1923-01-01 and ceased to be named so on 1923-12-31
- better rename "[de]assigned/timespan" to "[de]assigned/date" for consistency
JM4: Agreed!

- says "E H Heusler" participated in activity P82_at_some_time_within "1859" but the note "1859 -" implies that’s when he started.
So better use P82a_begin_of_the_begin. Also, there's no type (xsd:gYear)
-- but maybe it's better to model it as "Joined profession/ruler in 0879, and Left profession/ruler in 0900", as explained above
- says "'Abd al-Rahman" was active only within "798", but that's when he started
JM4: The problem with most of these suggestions rely things we cannot do:
# Distinguishing between orgs and people.
# Distinguishing between birth/death dates and dates of other activities - the text along with each date is the only identifying factor
# Recognising what the text for each date means (these are free text fields and there is a loose standard)
The logic as specified in the pseudo code above produces these triples so it's not perfect as you say but to more toward better RDF based on more intelligent logic is difficult due to the points above.