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h2. Disentangle P2_has_type by introducing sub-properties
h2. Disentangle RKD types

When two thesauri are mapped to P2_has_type, selecting New value in data annotation doesn't work since it cannot determine which thesaurus to use. Therefore sub-properties should be introduced. P2_has_type can be used as-is only if the node has a *single* "type".
We replace P2_has_type with the following:
- Object:

Josh, you need to introduce 3 subprops of P2_has_type for the last 3 thesauri, eg
bmo:PX_object_type, bmo:PX_ware, bmo:PX_escapement.
Else we'll have trouble displaying the object type (see next section):
if we fetch the superprop P2, we'll get not only BM type&ware&escapement, but also RKD type&shape (see prev section)

h3. Single-out Object Type