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The needed fields are:
| *UI Field* | *Property (path)* | *Notes* |
| Type | a ?t {?t=rso:DataAnnotation or ?t=rso:ImageAnnotation}{footnote}Assumes that the Annotation API is enriched to record the domain-specific subtype of oac:Annotation, same as oac:Annotation (as in [Data Basket Model#Item Types]){footnote}|Maybe it's better to show icon instead of text?|
| -Item- | | -What was annotated-. Typically this is in the Title, so no need to duplicate |
| Title | oac:hasBody/rso:P3_has_title | Annotation title |
Otherwise we'd need to guess the type by exploring two alternative paths:
- oac:hasTarget/a rdf:Statement or oac:hasTarget/a rso:FC70_Thing -> rso:DataAnnotation
- oac:hasTarget/oac:constrains/a crm:E38_Image -> rso:ImageAnnotation{footnote}

The needed query assuming parameter $DATE is: