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To: ECRM, CRM SIG. Date: 12/18/2012

h1. ecrm-simplify.xq
I wrote a XQuery script [^ecrm-simplify.xq] that simplifies the ecrm-current.owl file by removing some OWL constructs.
It always keeps owl:inverseOf and owl:SymmetricProperty (self-inverses): they are an innate part of CRM.
Parameter keep= gives a comma-separated list of other features to keep:
So this can script can make "ECRM profiles", which use only a subset of OWL constructs.

h1. Save Space in RS
Why did we need this in ResearchSpace?
In ResearchSpace we use [^ecrm-simplified.owl] Why did we need this?
Because the ECRM owl:Restrictions add 20-25% [more statements|Repository Volumetrics] that are useless for us.
(I'd appreciate pointers to any system that uses them).