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h2. Tags Ontology

We use the [Tags Ontology|] ([tags.n3|]), which defines:
- class tags:Tag as a subclass of skos:Concept. (This is perfect: when a skos:Concept is applied as a tag, it becomes tags:Tag.)
- two inverse properties (tags:taggedWithTag and tags:isTagOf) to relate any resource to a tag

The Tags ontology is depicted here:
@prefix rs-tag: <> .

rs-tag:1234 a tags:Tag, skos:Concept; skos:inScheme rs-tag:; skos:prefLabel "Watercolor".
?obj tags:taggedWithTag rkd-artist:Rembrandt, rs-tag:1234.
rkd-artist:Rembrandt tags:isTagOf ?obj.
rs-tag:1234 tags:isTagOf ?obj.

Design notes:
- tags.n3 will be loaded on next repo reload
- we use tags:isTagOf instead of tags:taggedWithTag, though they are inferred from each other as inverses
- the type tags:Tag is used to generate the counter for the next tag (in the above case would be 1235)
-- it is inferred from any of tags:isTagOf, tags:taggedWithTag

h1. Tags Use Cases