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{tip} If you're looking for information about... how to navigate through the KIM user interface, what kind of searches you can use and what results you can expect, see the [User's guide (over Latest news)|User's guide (over Latest news)].
h2. In this section

This section contains reference material about the {excerpt}KIM platform, including system requirements, how to install KIM 3.56, the default configuration, and how to populate the basic KIM corpus.{excerpt}
| [!_Images for reuse^system_req.JPG|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|System requirements] [System requirements and expected load] | Information about KIM out-of-the-box [system requirements and expected load|System requirements and expected load] for everyone. |
| [!_Images for reuse^download.JPG|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Download KIM3.5] [Download|] KIM 3.56 | A snapshot of [|] |
| [!_Images for reuse^run.JPG|width=27,height=27!|Installing KIM] [Installing|Installing KIM] and [running|Running KIM] KIM | Instructions for [instaling |Installing KIM] and [running|Running KIM] KIM with the default configurations. |
| [!_Images for reuse^population.JPG|thumbnail,height=28,width=28!|Populating the basic KIM corpus] [Populating the basic KIM corpus] | Running the tool for [populating|Populating the basic KIM corpus] a KIM Server with documents. |
To enable more functionalities, review the [Administrator's Guide] and [Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)] .