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{excerpt}Wiki pages, Forums, Comments, Annotations, Versions, Relations...{excerpt}
On 27 Sep in London we discussed them as pretty much the same thing, and liked the idea of unification.
They are similar conceptually (they're all part of Research Discourse) and as data.
They differ by status (disposition): some are Publishable, some can be Approved as new authoritative version of the data, others are Rejected to prevent further (off-topic) discussion, etc.

- I can make a data Annotation on a particular data field (or a whole object): that's a Comment
- Someone can reply: how we have a Forum
- I could also propose a new value for the field: that's a Version
- I can justify my thinking by linking to another object or field: that's a Relation
- I can write my comment with extra precision, rigour and interesting facts: that's similar to a publishable Wiki page that can go to the published site

In addition:
- We should make it very easy for users to embed a semantic link: see [IKS VIE] videos
- People may also want to talk about stuff in general, not about specific objects. See [MFPMFP] for examples. Even small talk is ok: that's part of the social discourse that facilitates Research Discourse
- The various statuses (dispositions) are important! Eg [MFPMFP] distinguishes between Recent Comments (small writeups) vs Recent Contributions (more substantive writeups, i.e. separate pages)

TODO Maria: elaborate a bit. Merge with pages in other Components that talk about the same