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To get such domain, one should follow the specific procedures of the respective TLD authority.

- The UI mockup uses domain "" which is modeled after "" but the abbreviation doesn't make much sense.
Also, I don't think it's a good idea to deal with Lybia
- We could get a domain such as (stands for "researchspace project"); rs is the Republic of Serbia TLD.
Could also use subdomains per project, eg,, etc.
- If we select
-- is it ok if our URLs are random, i.e
-- maybe we could get and "reserve" a prefix, so our short URLs are or

(!) TODO Dominic: Decide about domain

h2. Design
TODO: trial and select some software, describe how we'd deploy it
TODO Ceco:
- research and trial some open source software (java!)
- research and see how RS could use it (what is the API?).
Is it possible to "reserve" a prefix?
- describe how we'd deploy the sofware, or use

h1. Storing and Processing

TODO Vlado:
- Need two properties for full and shortened URL.
- display the full URL in tooltip