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I thought that it might be something like a cross between the Top Braid basket and Zotero. Please have a look at Zotero.

[^Databasket specification.docx]
[Data Basket Spec - Old^Databasket specification.docx]

* {color:#0000ff}Preview - preview is supported for data objects, images, data fields ({color}{color:#ff0000}Vlado to confirm?{color}{color:#0000ff}). For web links -{color} {color:#0000ff}can we use a web page preview server to fill out the image for Web Link? If we can the the preview should be supported for them also.{color} |
| {color:#0000ff}R16{color} \\ | {color:#0000ff}The following rules should be observed for URL field:{color} \\
\* {color:#0000ff}For RS (internal) items, display fixed text "ResearchSpace item".{color}\* {color:#0000ff}For Text, display nothing.{color}\* {color:#0000ff}For Web Link, display its shortened URL.{color} {color:#0000ff}Shorten the Web Link using some URL shortening service (need an extra data field\!). Show the short URL in the column, and the full URL in a tooltip (it usually includes useful info, eg a blog link is usually readable){color} |
| R17 \\ | For each item in the data basket, there will be provided different representation as link (icon, name, image) \\ |
| R18 \\ | When an item is added to the Data Basket is provided a possibility for the user to add notes and tags to the item. The fields are optional. \\ |