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h1. Reading material

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Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 10:39:33 \+0200
Then there is [FedX|], a federation SAIL for Sesame with sophisticated optimizations for federated query processing. Allthough FedX does not yet support SPARQL 1.1, it is capable of executing SPARQL queries against a federation of pre-configured SPARQL endpoints. Note that FedX automatically performs source selection (on the registered sources), and thus does not need the endpoints specified explicitely via SERVICE by the user. FedX provides a command line interface to allow for fast interaction, and an integration of SPARQL 1.1 is scheduled for the next few weeks.
Besides these projects there are some research projects dealing with federated query processing: [SPLENDID|] (UKoblenz, paper at COLD 2011), [SPARQL DQP|] (UPM) and [DARQ|] (distributed ARQ, discontinued 2006).

- Vlado: TODO: add references to projects presented at ESWC 2012 query federation workshop