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20120918 DiPP 2012 Conference

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Second conference Digitalization, Preservation and Presentation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage (DiPP 2012)
- Website: [http://dipp2012.math.bas.bg/]
- [брошура bg|20120918 DiPP 2012 Conference^Broshure-print-bg.pdf]
- [brochure en|20120918 DiPP 2012 Conference^Broshure-print-en.pdf]
- [брошура (bg)|^Broshure-print-bg.pdf]
- [brochure (en)|^Broshure-print-en.pdf]

Ontotext [participated with two papers|http://dipp2012.math.bas.bg/paper-submission]:
* Alexiev, Vladimir \- [Types and Annotations for CIDOC CRM Properties|http://www.ceeol.com/aspx/issuedetails.aspx?issueid=a9bb4ed3-a8db-488d-b56f-9dc2ee9a84e4&articleId=5ac3321f-d3c8-4978-a99d-a629f8ba83d9]
* Damova, Mariana \- [Bulgariana: A Bulgarian Aggregator to Europeana|http://www.ceeol.com/aspx/issuedetails.aspx?issueid=a9bb4ed3-a8db-488d-b56f-9dc2ee9a84e4&articleId=fac8378a-c1e2-45a0-979b-83c02ecb39bf]

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