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Identified the following challenges for the searching component: Using part of textures and shapes for searching, Interrelationships between searching, browsing, viewing and annotating, Combination of different concepts and objects for a single query. The appendix (restricted to partners only, non- public) describes more details regarding the functional specifications of the searching component.

h21. OWLIM Use
- 3D COFORM uses OWLIM as repository for the knowledge base
- See [^Repository for 3D Model Production and Interpretation in Culture and Beyond.pdf], M. Doerr, K. Tzompanaki, M. Theodoridou, Ch. Georgis, A. Axaridou, S. Havemann; In: A. Artusi, M. Joly-Parvex, G. Lucet, A. Ribes, and D. Pitzalis (Editors), Proceesings of The 11th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (VAST 2011)