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- [RS Components] is split by component: [01 Core], [02 UI and Navigation], [03 Security], etc
- For each component page "<NN> <Component>" you can have subpages such as:
-- *<Component> Req Items*: subset of initial business requirements, created BM in the ResearchSpace Business Requirements & Specification (see [RS Docs], restricted to Stage3 requirements. All text about a component is gathered in one page and duplications are removed. Requirements are extracted based on commitments in [RS Technical Offer] and [Best and Final Offer]. Each requirement has these attributes:
--- Requirement ID - unique requirement identificator. It will be used for referencing the requirements, as well as for requirements traceability during the project.
--- Requirement priority - shows the iteration based on the project plan, for which the requirement is planned for development. For example RS3.2 means that a requirement will be implemented during the second iteration of Stage3, RS4 means that a requirement will be implemented during Stage, RS? means that a requirement is not yet prioritized. Requirements could be reordered during the project and their priorities would change then also.
This list with requirements is not a final one, and could be changed, extended or reduced within project continuance.
Before each project iteration, based on these initial high level business requirements and their priorities, will be created a detailed functional specification.

h1. Screen Shots

- take the shots as PNG, without browser chrome and empty space (eg use [])