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| 06.DANNOTATION.R5 | 06.DAUC01.R1 | RS3.1 \\ | UC [05.SSUC01: Advanced Semantic Search|] or [05.SSUC05: Full Text Search|] has been performed, an object record is successfully found and selected for review. |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R5 | 06.DAUC01.R2 | RS3.2 | Link (URI) to a AP (Annotation point) from data layer is selected for review \-  from a Data Basket, Discussion, just browsing object records, etc. |
* *

| 06.DANNOTATION.R6 | 06.DAUC01.R4 | RS3.2 | When the user selects a link to AP from the data layer, then Object Record Details tab opens. In the tab are displayed only data in status "Migrated" or "Original" for the data object (the data from the data layer). |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R6 | 06.DAUC01.R5 | RS3.2 | All data is displayed into one page and the user will be able to scroll it. |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R6 | 06.DAUC01.R5-1 | | * Information for all nodes of the object is collapsed by default. |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R6 | 06.DAUC01.R5-2 | | * The user could manually collapse/ expand nodes |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R6 | 06.DAUC01.R5-3 | | * The user is automatically positioned to the selected item, when the screen is opened. If the user has selected a link to the object record, which is represented as a main node in the RDF graph, then he is positioned at the beginning of the Object Record area. |
| \\ | 06.DAUC01.R6 | RS3.2 | Next to each AP in the Object Record details tab will be displayed the following indicators: |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R15-1 | 06.DAUC01.R6-1 | | * *Version Indicator:* If for AP there are other versions than the original, then next to the field will be displayed a version indicator (V) coloured in red. (For details see 06.DAUC02: View Versions of AP). The version indicator will be coloured grey if there are no other versions. |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R1 | 06.DAUC01.R6-2 | | * *Discussion indicator:* If for an AP there are discussions started, then next to it will be displayed a discussion indicator (D), coloured in red. (For details see TBD 06.DAUC06: View and Create Discussions on Object Record). The discussion indicator will be grey coloured if there are no discussions started. |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R10 | 06.DAUC01.R6-3 | | * *Linked Records Indicator:* This indicator (L) counts: Links to AP in the discussions started for the selected one plus links to AP for which are started discussions and the current one is embedded into them. (For details see 06.DAUC07: View Linked Records). |
* *

| 06.DANNOTATION.R6 \\ | 06.DAUC01.R7 | RS3.2 | Object record is displayed successfully and indicators next to each AP are coloured properly. |
* *

| 06.DANNOTATION.R6 | 06.DAUC02.R1 | RS3.2 | UC “06.DAUC01” has been performed, and an object record from data layer is successfully displayed |
| | 06.DAUC02.R2 | RS3.2 | Link (URI) to value from annotation layer is selected for review \-  from a Data Basket, Discussion |
* *

| 06.DANNOTATION.R15-1 | 06.DAUC02.R4 | RS3.2 | The version indicator (V) next to AP, when coloured in red, shows that there are existing versions in the annotation layer created for that AP. The version indicator next to AP, when coloured in grey means that there are no new versions proposed for the value. \\ |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R9-1 | 06.DAUC02.R5 | RS3.2 | When a user selects a version indicator or link to AP from annotation layer then he is transferred to tab “Versions”. |
| | | RS3 | In tab Versions is displayed a list of all existing versions in all statuses (except Deleted) of a value. The original value from the data layer is also listed. \\ |
| \\ | 06.DAUC02.R6 | RS3.2 | (TBD) In tab Versions is visualized the following information for each version:
| | | | * The user could sort versions on the Version tab by clicking on the name of each column. If for example the user clicks on Researcher Name column once then the values will be sorted by Researcher name in ascending order, if he clicks second time then values will be sorted by Researcher name in descending order. |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R15-1 | 06.DAUC02.R10 | RS3.2 | All existing versions -- the original one and created in the current project are displayed. |
| \\ | 06.DAUC02.R11 | RS3.2 | UC “06.DAUC03: Edit Field Version” could be started. |
| \\ | 06.DAUC02.R12 | RS3.2 | UC “06.DAUC04: Create Field Version” could be started. |
* Replace old value - this is the case when there is already an existing original value and the user wants to propose new value which he thinks is the correct one. In the Versions tab there is one or more versions for the selected AP.
* TBD: New value for cardinality >1 ... |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R15-2 \\
\\ | | 06.DAUC04.R6 | RS3.2 \\ | When the user selects “Propose New Value” an entry form is opened with the following mandatory fields: \\ |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R8-1 | 06.DAUC04.R6-1 | RS3.2 \\ | * New value -- Based on the field type, for which a new value is created the user will be provided with different data entry fields:
** If the field requires the use of thesauri value, then the data entry form will provide a thesauri control for the new value. Auto-complete will be incorporated. A value will not be saved if not found in the thesaurus.
** If the field requires literal value, then the entry will only be validated for the correct format - validate for Date, String, Integer, etc. |
| \\ | 06.DAUC04.R6-2 | RS3.2 | * Discussion post - It is mandatory the user to give reasons for the new value he proposes. There are 2 options:
** Start new discussion - The first option is the user to input the text in the new comment field opened, and thus new discussion will be started.
** Comment in existing discussion - The user could decide to select any of the discussions already existing for this AP and to comment in it. In this case there is a button Select Discussion, which navigates to tab Discussions for this AP. |
| \\ | 06.DAUC04.R6-3 | RS3 | * -Status-  (not for iteration RS3.2)\- the version status is selected from a codelist. The user could select only between “Possible”, “Under Research” and “Proposed” statuses |
| \\ | 06.DAUC04.R7 | RS3.2 | The newly proposed value could be saved only after the user contributes in a discussion and field value is is validated successfully by format. \\ |
| \\ | 06.DAUC04.R7-1 | | * If the user does not save the new value and cancels the entry then the created discussion/ post is automatically deleted. |
| \\ | 06.DAUC04.R7-2 | | * If the user saves successfully the new value then a new version record is created and the discussion/post is linked to the version record. |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R11 | 06.DAUC04.R8 | RS3.2 | When the version record is saved the following additional metadata are associated: \\
\-          Researcher -- the name of the user who created the new value \\
\-          Research Project -- the project name of the researcher \\

| 06.DANNOTATION.R15-2 \\ | 06.DAUC05.R1 | RS3.2 \\ | UC “06.DAUC02: View Versions of AP” has been performed and tab Versions is opened. |
* Constraints:*
| \\ | 06.DAUC05.R2 | RS3 \\ | Values could be deleted only if in status “Possible”, “Under Research” and “Proposed”. |
| | 06.DAUC05.R4-1 \\ | RS3 \\ | * Delete Value: Values could be deleted only if in status “Possible”, “Under Research” and “Proposed” and  only from the researcher who created the value or the RS Project Admin. This is the case when a user has proposed new value and later on realizes that he has made a mistake. There is no need the deletion to be approved by the RS Project Admin. |
| | 06.DAUC05.R4-2 | RS3.2 \\ | * Propose Deletion: A user could propose a value for deletion in case he thinks that such value/event does not exist or is totally wrong. Deletion could be proposed to values from data layer or to values from annotation layer which are proposed from other users. The RS Project Admin should approve the proposal for deletion. |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R15-6 \\ | 06.DAUC05.R5 | RS3 \\ | When a value is deleted: |
| \\ | 06.DAUC05.R5-1 | | * The value status changes to “Deleted” |
| \\ | 06.DAUC05.R5-2 | \\ | * The discussion associated with the version is deleted |

| 06.DANNOTATION.R6 | 06.DAUC06.R1 | RS3.2 \\ | UC “06.DAUC01” has been performed, and an object record is successfully displayed |

| | 06.DAUC07.R2 \\ | RS3.2 \\ | Next to each AP on the Object Record details tab is displayed a Linked Records indicator (R). |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R10 \\ | 06.DAUC07.R2-1 | | * When coloured in red the linked records indicator shows that there are one or more links to APs, related to the current one. If the indicator is coloured grey this means that there are no related records. |
| | 06.DAUC07.R2-2 \\ | | * When the linked records indicator next to AP is selected then the user is navigated to the Linked Records tab. In the Linked Records tab the list with available links will be restricted only to those on the current AP and all its versions. |
| | 06.DAUC07.R2-3 \\ | | * If the user selects the linked records indicator next to the root AP, or opens directly Linked Records tab for an object record then are listed all linked records to all APs and their versions for the current object record. |
| | 06.DAUC07.R2-4 \\ | | * If a link to record is selected then the respective object record is opened and the user positioned to the selected AP (see UC 06.DAUC01: View Object Records). |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R10 \\ | 06.DAUC07.R3 | RS3.2 \\ | The Linked Records tab is split in to 2 sections \\ |
| \\ | 06.DAUC07.R3-1 | | * Outgoing Links: Links to APs which are embedded in discussions started for the current AP. |
| \\ | 06.DAUC07.R3-2 | | * Incoming Links: Links to APs, for which are started discussions and there is link to the current AP, embedded in these discussions |

| 06.DANNOTATION.R10 | | 06.DAUC07.R8 | All items linked to the current object item are counted and listed under linked records indicator. |
| | 06.DAUC07.R8 | \\ | All items linked to the current object item are listed under linked records tab. |

h4. 06.DAUC08: View Thumbnails

| 06.DANNOTATION.R17-1 \\
\\ | | 06.DAUC08.R2 | RS3.2 \\ | In Relations tab are displayed thumbnails to all images, documents linked to the object record \\ |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R17-2 | 06.DAUC08.R3 | RS3.2 \\ | Thumbnails will provide basic information for an image/document - file size, type, file name and the type of the relation between the image/document and the object record . |
| 06.DANNOTATION.R17-2 | 06.DAUC08.R4 | RS3 \\ | Thumbnails to images will be used as links to Image Annotation tool |
| | 06.DAUC08.R5 \\ | RS3.2 \\ | The user could add new relations by selecting "Add New Relation" button from the Relations tab. \\ |

| 06.DANNOTATION.R17-1 \\ | 06.DAUC08.R5 | | Thumbnails to all content associated with an object record are displayed in the Relations tab \\ |

h4. 06.DAUC09: Promote Discussion