OWLIM-SE Administrative Tasks

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If the Sesame {{RepositoryManager}} class is being used, the repository directory will usually be in a directory path that ends with 'repositories/<repository_id>/owlim-storage', but this can be overridden with the {{storage-folder}} configuration parameter.
To restore a repository from a back up, make sure the repository is not running and then replace the entire contents of the storage directory (and any sub-directories) with the backup. Then restart the repository and check the log file to ensure a successful start up.

h1. Modifying an imported ontology/schema

Ontologies and schemas imported at initialisation time using the 'imports' configuration parameter are flagged as read-only. This is the preferred method for using ontologies/schemas as it allows the incremental delete algorithm to be very efficient. However, there are times when it is necessary to change a schema and this can be done inside a 'system transaction'.
The user instructs OWLIM that the transaction is a system transaction by including a dummy statement with the special schema-transaction predicate, i.e.
{{_:b1 <http://www.ontotext.com/owlim/system#schemaTransaction> ""}}
This statement is not inserted in to the database, rather it serves as a flag that tells OWLIM that it can ignore the read-only flag for imported statements.