OWLIM-SE Administrative Tasks

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If an abnormal termination occurs, it is advisable to execute a database restore as soon as possible. This can also help if OWLIM-SE fails to load a repository during startup for some reason. The OWLIM-SE jar contains a utility for restoring database images. It can be executed in the root folder of the OWLIM-SE distribution as follows:

{{java \-cp lib/*:ext/\* com.ontotext.trree.DatabaseRestorer \[path\] \[indexsize\] \[ruleset\]}}
{{java \-cp lib/*:ext/\* com.ontotext.trree.DatabaseRestorer STORAGE_FOLDER_PATH ENTITY_INDEX_SIZE RULE_SET}}

The parameters are:
| \[path\] STORAGE_FOLDER_PATH | The full path to the repository storage directory. |
| \[indexsize\] ENTITY_INDEX_SIZE | The value of the entity-index-size parameter in the TTL repository configuration file. |
| \[ruleset\] RULE_SET | The value of the ruleset parameter in the TTL repository configuration file. |

h1. Flush to disk without shutting down the repository