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(!) Maria: I think this is a very nice format that we can also use. The stories themselves are also interesting. Do you find something useful?

h23. VIE demos

Demo links of VIE and friends:
- Palsu Demo: []
I wrote on twitter to "@rene_kapusta: Is there a support tracker or forum for Palsu? Get "Client disconnected - try to reconnect". Supports private meetings?"

[Annotation profiles: Configuring forms to edit RDF|]
This paper introduces the Annotation Profile Model as a configuration mechanism from which annotation tools can be automatically generated.
The intention is to encourage metadata- or domain experts to define annotation profiles according to metadata vocabularies. This will allow end-users or administrators to select appropriate annotation profiles for the task at hand, and then an editor will be provided by the underlying system.
This paper discusses the design of the Annotation Profile Model, which consists of a data-capturing part (the Graph Pattern Model) and a
presentation part (the Form Template model).
An implementation that can generate both webbased and standalone editors is also introduced
*Keywords: application profile; RDF editing; SPARQL; Fresnel; XForms*

I found this paper while looking for RDF graph-visualization tools (Fresnel is a language for defining visualizations). But ALL the keywords are relevant to our problem.
Must be researched in great detail. Promises working software under LGPL (SHAME).