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* *OWLIM-SE, © Copyright Ontotext AD.* 135 Tsarigradsko Shosse, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria, [http://www.ontotext.com].
* *Sesame, © Copyright Aduna b.v*. Stadsring 181, 3817 BA Amersfoort, The Netherlands Sesame is an open-source library, available under the GNU Lesser GPL ([http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html])
* *BigTRREE, © Copyright Ontotext AD*. Any form of modification or reverse-engineering of BigTRREE is prohibited.
* ** All other trademarks mentioned in this document, belong to their respective owners.

Full licensing information is available at [http://www.ontotext.com/owlim/|http://www.ontotext.com/owlim/], as well as in the licence files located in the main folder of the distribution package.