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h1. Client

The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG, metro Russel Square.
- BM is the world's oldest museum. 6M visitors, 13M online
- Free attendance
- part of Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), []. Same department runs the Olympics 2012 (!) , British Library, etc
- Samsung and Korean Air are sponsors of BM (!) providing digital guides, digital signage, money, etc.
- Currently expanding (constructing new building): World Conservation and Exhibition Center, including exhibitions, logistics (for big trucks), storage rooms.
- has 2M objects on display, and 5M in storage (!) . 2M are recorded in their collection system
- budget for running costs: 41M GBP per year. Decreased by 2M last year, decreasing by 8.5M over next 2 years
- RS funding is from the Mellon foundation

h1. People
h1. Client Staff

- Dominic Oldman, BM deputy head IS, BM lead for IS Development. Product Owner who will sign off elements of the Project
- Katherine Miller,, t 0207 323 8418, m 07976 737 658: PM 3d/w but works on 3 projects

h1. Budget

- Stage 3 grant (from Mellon, see [RS Docs#Grant Proposals]: 442.6k EUR (650k USD)
- development: 200.6k to 290k EUR (180 to 260k GBP)

h1. Timing

- published 3.6.2011
- bidders conference 16.6 in London (Vlado)
-- BM desired period is 6m, but can be increased to 8-9 months if vendors ask for it. BM is asking for recommendations

h1. Our Team

Ontotext: lead
- Vlado: overall responsible, writing, estimates
ITT will participate in writing proportionally to project share
- Jana: architecture, estimates
- MariaT, IliyanaA:

SS (?) : not clear yet