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h1. GraphDB 6.5.0

Component versions:
|| Sesame || Engine || Workbench || Connectors ||
| 2.7.8 | 6.2.5 | 6.7.0 | 4.2.3 |

h5. Highlights

*GraphDB Cluster*
* Improved cluster stability in single DC setup
** Master will not start a replication if there is a single worker in ON state in the cluster, thus allowing the cluster to continue to serve requests
** Master will choose an up-to-date worker from transaction log when reporting self status
** Workers in the cluster will reject updates which are not sent trough the master
** Workers which are in an UNINITIALIZED state will not be available for serving requests
* Various fixes
** Lower memory footprint of workers due to a decreased query execution history kept in memory
** Corrected state of a worker in cases when low disk space causes a shutdown

*GraphDB Engine*
* BIND operator, which was not fully covered by GraphDB in previous version and relied on Sesame's implementation
* Query optimizer when dealing with multiple OPTIONALs
* Special characters are handled properly by RDF parser/serializer, e.g. white spaces in URL
* During the consistency checking phase, deleted statements in the current transaction will be ignored
* Enforced consistency of predicate statistics - these will be rebuilt if found inconsistent

* Many new features and bug fixes


* New features and bug fixes

h5. GraphDB Engine


* OWLIM-2429 BIND operator not fully covered by GraphDB's query optimizer
* OWLIM-2425 RDF parser and serializer doesn't handle properly special characters
* OWLIM-2421 Consistency checking rules fail to ignore deleted statements in the current transactions
* OWLIM-2418 SPARQL query with explicitly specified graph returns more results than the default graph
* OWLIM-2417 Sometimes the cluster doesn't detect that a worker is out of sync but instead marks the *others* to out of sync
* OWLIM-2427 Cluster workers should reject side updates
* OWLIM-2423 The entity pool(s) don't behave properly with request-scoped entities
* OWLIM-2271 Fix replication client timeout
* OWLIM-2315 Master should choose an up to date worker (in transaction log) to report self status
* OWLIM-2538 Predicate statistics rebuilds after cluster restart on LDBC tests
* OWLIM-2548 Master started with an empty transaction log does not set the worker's state before the first write request
* OWLIM-2537 Sometimes the timeout for the replication socket on the master is not enough
* OWLIM-2086 Wrong results from DirectPlugin when query expands a filter to union
* OWLIM-1218 Incorrect evaluation for queries with multiple OPTONAL expressions; can lead to miss of relevant results
* OWLIM-1773 Worker left in a bad state after shutdown on "low disk space"
* OWLIM-2437 Joining two subqueries that share a variable and it is in an OPTIONAL is not done properly
* OWLIM-2403 Master doesn't replicate a single worker but marks the others as OUT_OF_SYNC
* OWLIM-2408 Replication in the cluster shouldn't be initiated if there is only one active worker
* OWLIM-2157 Backup/restore in cluster may fail if workers are created with a storage directory that isn't called "storage"
* OWLIM-2469 UNINITIALIZED workers were marked as readable which can cause queries to be executed on them
* OWLIM-2468 Wrong max element of a page set in the index
* OWLIM-2511 BINDTriplePattern's logic for restrictVars() makes BIND in UNION always to be placed in the beginning
* OWLIM-2339 Report back to an unknown peer master which sent sync data that it will be ignored
* OWLIM-2510 Increasing worker's memory usage due growing execution history


* OWLIM-1535 GraphDB EE users should be able to create/load SE repositories
* OWLIM-2492 When starting a new worker with empty repo other workers shouldn't replicate from it
* OWLIM-2227 Verify the predicate statistics on start and rebuild them if needed
* OWLIM-2415 Increase replication speed in cluster using compression
* OWLIM-2461 Initial worker state checking upon intialization on empty TX log

Known issues:

* OWLIM-2381 Count graph query returns bigger number than the actual statements in the graph
* OWLIM-2407 Backup and restore in the cluster shouldn't timeout the HTTP request blindly

h5. GraphDB Workbench

Bug fixes:
* WB-575 Unable to cancel remote content import
* WB-642 Limit CONSTRUCT results internally rather than by SPARQL LIMIT
* WB-646 Queries with many comments do not execute correcly on a remote location
* WB-667 Workbench not loading properly on slower networks
* WB-678 Misdetecting a GraphDB instance in the same tomcat when Workbench is deployed in the root context
* WB-680 Workbench not using the optimised Ontotext N-Triples and N-Quads parsers
* WB-698 Clicking outside the Connector create form is interpreted as cancel
* WB-700 Adding fields in the Connector create form copies values from previous field
* WB-706 Raw HTML shown in some location connection errors
* WB-710 Incorrect JSON generated for some checkboxes in the Connector create form

* WB-252 Filtering for the server files list
* WB-273 New security mode "free access" that allows access to some functionality for non-authenticated users
* WB-319 Graph filtering in the export view based on expressions
* WB-395 Add pagination to SPARQL results
* WB-455 Improved SPARQL view: horizontal and vertical view, editor only, results only
* WB-612 New context view under Data/Context
* WB-613 Add load timing information for local imports
* WB-640 Show the location in the navigation bar
* WB-681 Better error handling in the SPARQL editor when the repository cannot be initialised
* WB-699 Restored copy connector button (same as WB 6.5.x)

h5. GraphDB Connectors

Bug fixes:
* STORE-215 Wrong evaluation of next hop IN() in filter when next hop does not exist
* STORE-216 Wrong evaluation of negated BOUND() in filter
* STORE-217 Not possible to use BOUND() with next hop or PARENT() in filter

* STORE-198 Allow multiple property chains per field
* STORE-218 Elasticsearch upgraded to 1.7.2

h1. GraphDB 6.4.4