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h5. Vertical mode
h5. SPARLQ editor options

Use the vertical mode switch to show editor and results next to each other for your comfort. You can also hide the editor or the results to see more content of the other.
Since GraphDB 6.5, the Workbench introduces support for additional viewing/editing modes in the SPARQL editor.

*Horizontal and vertical mode*
Use the vertical mode switch to show the editor and the results next to each other, which is particularly useful on wide screen. Click the switch again to return to horizontal mode.

*Viewing results or editor only*
Both in horizontal and vertical mode you can also hide the editor or the results to focus on query editing or result viewing. Click on the buttons *Editor only*, *Editor and results* or *Results only* to switch between the different modes.

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h3. Free access

Free access is a new feature since GraphDB 6.5 / Workbench 6.7. 6.5. It allows people to access a predefined set of functionality without having to log in. This is especially useful for providing read-only access to a repository.

You can enable free access by going to *Admin/Users and Access* and clicking on the _Free Access_ slider above the user table. When you enable free access, a dialog box will open and prompt you to select the access rights for free access users. The available permissions are similar to those for authenticated users, e.g. you can provide read or read/write access to one or more repositories.