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h1. Overview

*_GeoSPARQL_* is a standard for representation and querying of geospatial linked data for the Semantic Web from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).The standard provides:
* a small topological ontology in RDFS/OWL for representation using [Geography Markup Language (GML) |] and [Well-Known Text (WKT) |] literals
* Simple Features, RCC8, and DE-9IM (a.k.a. Egenhofer) topological relationship vocabularies and ontologies for qualitative reasoning
* a SPARQL query interface using a set of topological SPARQL extension functions for quantitative reasoning

GraphDB 6.X introduces support for GeoSPARQL.

h1. Installation

The GeoSPARQL support is implemented as a GraphDB plugin, which is currently not enabled included by default. To enable include the plugin follow these steps:

# Locate the plugin {{zip}} file in the {{plugins/geosparql-plugin}} folder of the GraphDB distribution.
# Unzip the file into your plugins directory (by default *{{root_of_unpacked_web_app/WEB-INF/classes/plugins}}*). {{{*}root_of_unpacked_web_app/WEB-INF/classes/plugins{*}}}).

h1. Usage examples

h3. GeoSPARQL Predicates