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h1. GraphDB 6.4.2


* bugfixes in the engine
* explain plan improvement (experimental)
* storage tool improvement
* improve data consistency in EE
* improvements and fixes for some basic scenarios in cluster environment - rolling upgrade, backup, replication

Component versions:
| 2.7.8 | 6.2.3 | 6.6.1 | 4.1.2 |

h5. GraphDB Engine


* OWLIM-2172 Explain plan improvments
* OWLIM-2178 Cluster data consistency per connection
* OWLIM-1368 SPARQL 1.1 VALUES implementation
* OWLIM-2281 Read-only mode for master
* OWLIM-2283 Strict consistency mode for master
* OWLIM-2282 Suspend-backup flag for master
* OWLIM-2199 Storage tool 'scan' command - groups statements by flags and compare counts for each group between indexes
* OWLIM-2313 Storage tool 'export' command
* OWLIM-2198 Storage tool 'repair' command - compares and updates all indexes
* OWLIM-2354 New JMX command to flush and shutdown GDB repository
* OWLIM-2358 Client Failover API - configurable timeout before giving up requests and run-time re-configuration support


* OWLIM-2353 Fix: Reads stop after 2 workers are taken down in 1m3w setup
* OWLIM-2197 Fix: Invalid FILTER clause (?a = x && ?a = y) return false positive results than the old explain plan
* OWLIM-2333 Fix: A worker reports different fingerprints when initialized for first time and after restore
* OWLIM-2250 Fix: Investigate performance degradation and wrong results on queries in GraphDB 6.2.2 compared to 6.1.8410
* OWLIM-2351 Fix: Ruleset with a specific consistency checking rule fails to deliver a descriptive exception
* OWLIM-2369 Fix: Adding non-existing worker + restart of the master leads to less workers shown in JMX
* OWLIM-2341 Fix: Correct the console messages produced by the storageTool when rebuilding indexes files.
* OWLIM-2248 Fix: Properly patch the logback.xml configuration file in the enterprise distribution
* OWLIM-2316 Fix: Large queries crash GraphDB with OutOfMemoryError
* OWLIM-2337 Fix: Deadlock when running the finalizer in sail connection impl might result in a deadlock
* OWLIM-2310 Fix: Group by queries are not stopped by timeouts since 6.1.SP4

h5. GraphDB Workbench

* No changes

h5. GraphDB Connectors

* No changes

h1. GraphDB 6.4.1