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h1. GraphDB 6.4.1

This release of GraphDB contains some fixes for the Workbench. If you use the Workbench we strongly recommend you to upgrade.

Component versions:
| 2.7.8 | 6.2.2 | 6.6.1 | 4.1.2 |

h5. GraphDB Engine 6.2.2

No changes.

h5. GraphDB Workbench 6.6.1

* WB-611 Fix: Export not working when security is ON
* WB-607 Fix: Workbench behind some proxies doesn't know what port for the repository cookie to check
* WB-604 Fix: Unreachable location makes cluster manager unusable
* WB-603 Fix: Cluster view doesn't work when you have locations that were added with localhost only
* WB-602 Fix: Non initialized masters in the cluster view are disabled and the reason is misleading
* WB-601 Fix: Adding invalid values in the edit dialog of the location closes the dialog and doesn't save the values
* WB-600 Fix: First attached location is not properly validated

h5. GraphDB Connectors 4.1.2

No changes.

h1. GraphDB 6.4.0