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Semantic Repository for RDF(S) and OWL

*Version 6.4*

See also: [User Guide]

h1. Overview

The GraphDB Workbench is a our recommended web-based administration tool. The user interface is similar to the Sesame Workbench webapp, but with more functionality. Here are some of the additional features:
* Query monitoring with the possibility to kill a long running query
The GraphDB Workbench can be found in the distribution as a separate war file. The war file can be deployed with the startup script in the distribution or deployed in a dedicated application server.

The User Guide can be found [here|User Guide].
h3. Requirements

h1. Requirements

Java: JRE 1.7 or higher (JDK 1.7 or higher if using custom rule sets)
Tomcat: Version 7 or higher if deployed as a .war file

h3. [User Guide]

[Click here to open the User Guide|User Guide].