GraphDB-Enterprise Release Notes

Version 1 by Pavel Mihaylov
on Jul 24, 2015 11:22.

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Version 2 by Pavel Mihaylov
on Aug 03, 2015 15:03.

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h1. GraphDB 6.4.0

This release of GraphDB focuses on the usability and stability of the Workbench. If you use the Workbench we strongly recommend you to upgrade. There are no changes in the Engine or the Connectors.

Component versions:
| 2.7.8 | 6.2.2 | 6.6.0 | 4.1.2 |

h5. GraphDB Engine 6.2.2

No changes.

h5. GraphDB Workbench 6.6.0

- Improved overall usability
- Tens of bugs fixed
- New: Single page application for faster loading
- New: Completely revamped cluster manager
-- More usability and functionality
-- Near realtime tracking of cluster status and changes introduced outside the cluster manager
- New: Improvements in Users management
-- users can have permissions to a repository in a particular location only
-- non-admin users can change their passwords
- New: Status of imported server files kept per repository
- New: Improvements to the SPARQL editor
-- tracking of syntax errors in the name of each tab
-- creating links to saved queries
- Creating repositories through TTL files
- Revised REST API
-- managing multiple locations and repositories
-- cluster management and backup/restore without JMX
-- user and permissions management
- Numerous visual and presentational changes

h5. GraphDB Connectors 4.1.2

h1. GraphDB 6.3.1