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The [LoadRDF tool|GraphDB62:GraphDB-SE LoadRDF tool] now supports parallel (multithreaded) reasoning mode. The improvement of the loading speed is between 50% and 400%, measured on Wordnet and SPB-64m datasets, respectively.

Miscellaneous & bug fixes:
* [Enterprise] improved reporting for causes of replication failure
* [Enterprise] Detect and report missing master URL
* Made plugins aware of whether the entity pool is transactional (the plugins can call EntityPool.isTransactional())
* Added fingerprint tracking for the entity pool
* StorageTool - the tool is now part of the official documentation. The scan report now says whether the repository image is OK or not, in addition to the number of statements reported for each index
* LoadRDF uses lock-free data structure for faster multithreaded inference
* LoadRDF - the reverse cache option is now obsolete and has been removed [CHECK]
* [GRAP-4] A fix for anomalous query behaviour
* [OWLIM-2069] Fixed minor memory leak (which was present in OWLIM 5.4 as well)
* [OWLIM-2086] Fix: The vars of the PluginPattern were not cloned (this potentially leads to a wrong result)


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