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h1. GraphDB - 6.1.8316
This is an Enterprise release only.

h2. Improvements (replication cluster):
- Tx Log stability improvements & fixes - scrapped optimistic join procedure; scrapped shared horizon & completed queue; fixed status patching base
- Improved logging detail
- Updates are dispatched to the other peers immediately once accepted and enqueued
- dedicated peer dispatch threads
- fixed split-brain recovery
- retry serving replication data on failure
- exposed exceptions thrown from replication server
- Client API: Changed the master retry policy (do not check every master too often; but still make sure that when previously unavailable master becomes available we detect that)

h2. Replication improvements:
- cleanup target directory on accepting replication data
- 60s timeout in replication client
- limited retries in replication server
- replication client startup delay patch

h2. Other improvements:
- The inferencer debug statistics were not displayed at shutdown because we used the SwitchableInferencer's ones instead of those in currentInferencer that did the job
- Created StorageTool app, used to Scan/Rebuild indexes in case of missing statements

h3. Fixes:
- [OWLIM-1838] Custom NTriples/NQuads parser: ArrayOutOfBoundsException can be thrown on empty lines while parsing and then NPE while trying to process t.getMessage() which may be null
- [OWLIM-1834] Fixed: LoadRDF Tool doesn't work with GraphDB Enterprise
- [W-44] Introduced a parameter 'in-clause-max-members' (defaults to 16) which limits the number of entities specified in the IN clause. If the IN clause contains more elements then it doesn't get optimized.
- [W-55] Fixed the ASC/DESC issue in ORDER BY clause when the variable in the ORDER BY is in an OPTIONAL clause (the issue was different number of results returned in ASC/DESC cases)

h1. GraphDB version 6.1-RC1