GraphDB-SE Installation

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* *Server:* Those users wishing to use GraphDB-SE via the Sesame Server, with or without the Sesame Workbench, should proceed with one of the two approaches detailed in this section. This will cover installing Sesame and integrating GraphDB-SE in to the Sesame framework, so that GraphDB-SE can be used as a plug-in repository type. This approach involves deploying Sesame/GraphDB-SE via a servlet server, such as Tomcat. The Sesame installation comes with a useful 'workbench' Web application that can be used for many administration tasks.

The rest of this section gives detailed step by step instructions for installing and configuring Sesame and GraphDB-SE, leading up to the creation of an a GraphDB-SE repository using the Sesame console (a command line script). For more information please check the "doc" folder of the GraphDB-SE distribution zip file.

h1. Upgrading