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Although the above inferences are correct and important for the completeness of the formal semantics, users rarely execute queries whose results are affected by the existence of such statements. Moreover, these inferences generate so many inferred statements that performance and scalability can be severely degraded.
For this reason, optimized versions of standard rule-sets are provided. These have '-optimized' appended to the rule-set name, e.g. *owl-horst-optimized*, and use the optimizsations listed in Table 4.
| Optimizsation | *Affects* |
| Remove axiomatic triples | *<any> <any> <rdfs:Resource>* \\
*<rdfs:Resource> <any> <any>* \\
| Remove rule conclusions | *<any> <any> <rdfs:Resource>* |
| Remove rule constraints | *\[Constraint <variable> \!= <rdfs:Resource>\]* |
These optimization optimisations were previously achieved using the *partialRDFS* parameter, but are now achieved by using a previously optimizsed built-in rule-set, see the *ruleset* {{ruleset}} parameter in the [configuration section|GraphDB-Lite Configuration] for a complete list.