Primer Introduction to GraphDB

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Inference is performed by the TRREE engine \[39\], where the explicit and inferred statements are stored in highly-optimised data structures that are kept in-memory for query evaluation and further inference. The inferred closure is updated through inference at the end of each transaction that modifies the repository.


*{_}Figure 5 - OWLIM Usage and Relationship to Sesame and ORDI{_}*

GraphDB implements the Sesame SAIL interface so that it can be integrated with the rest of the Sesame framework, e.g. the query engines and the web UI. A user application can be designed to use GraphDB directly through the Sesame SAIL API or via the higher-level functional interfaces. When an GraphDB repository is exposed using the Sesame HTTP Server, users can manage the repository through the Sesame Workbench Web application, or with other tools integrated with Sesame, e.g. ontology editors like Protégé and TopBraid Composer.
The easiest way for developers to integrate their applications with GraphDB is to use it with the Sesame framework as a set of libraries. The installation and configuration of GraphDB are discussed in the quick start and user guides. More information on the various aspects of the Sesame specifications, its architecture and implementations can be found in section 3.2.