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e.g. 5.3.5928 where the major number is 5, the minor number is 3 and the build number is 5928. Releases with the same major and minor version numbers do not contain any new features, the only difference is that releases with later build numbers contain fixes for bugs discovered since the previous release. New or significantly changed features are released with a higher major or minor version number.

h1. GraphDB version 6.0 (build 7892)

h2. Improvements:
* Added mini LDBC Semantic Publishing Benchmark ( into benchmark/ldbc-spb folder in the distribution
* The plugins are now in <webapps>/openrdf-sesame/plugins folder. Lucene plugin is enabled by default. This could be overwritten by the
-Dregister-external-plugins option
* Minor rearrangement of the files in the main distribution folder (all .pie files are put into rules/ subfolder, the scripts into scripts/ subfolder)

h2. Fixes:
* Fixed issue with the default/evaluation license
* Fixed issue with the LoadRDF tool

h1. GraphDB version 6.0 (build 7784)
GraphDB 6.0 is a re-branded Owlim 5.6 version. The differences are given to the last stable Owlim 5.4 release.