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As seen in the example query, RDF Rank weights are made available via a special system predicate. Triple patterns with the predicate {{[]}} are handled specially by OWLIM, GraphDB, where the object of the statement pattern is bound to a literal containing the RDF Rank of the subject.
In order to use this mechanism the RDF ranks for the whole repository must be computed in advance. This is done by committing a series of SPARQL updates that use special vocabulary to parameterise the weighting algorithm, followed by an update that triggers the computation itself.

If the export failed then the update will throw an exception and an error message will be recorded in the log file.

Lastly, when using [RDF Priming|OWLIM-SE Priming|GraphDB-SE Experimental Features#RDF Priming], the RDF Rank values can be used as the initial activation values. To set this up, use the following update: