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Example: object/34466 is created "by unknown artist, 19th c.; after unknown artist."
In the current representation this maps to two production events using a single YCBA term. This is puzzling logically inconsistent (Unknown has influenced himself ;-) ):
- P14_carried_out_by <person-institution/616> and also
- P15_was_influenced_by the same <person-institution/616>

h3. Unknown Artist example

Jana: These statements don't carry information and the birth/date dates are even wrong.
<> a crm:E21_Person , skos:Concept ;
skos:inScheme ycba:person-institution ;
skos:altLabel "Unknown artist" ;
skos:prefLabel "unknown artist" ;
skos:altLabel "Unknown framemaker" , "Unknown rights holder" , "Unknown rights administrator" ;
crm:P98i_was_born <> ;
crm:P100i_died_in <> ;
bmo:PX_gender <> .
<> a crm:E67_Birth ;
crm:P82_at_some_time_within <> .
<> a crm:E52_Time-Span ;
rdfs:label "0" ;
crm:P82a_begin_of_the_begin "0"^^xsd:gYear .
<> a crm:E69_Death ;
crm:P82_at_some_time_within <> .
<> a crm:E52_Time-Span ;
rdfs:label "0" ;
crm:P82b_end_of_the_end "0"^^xsd:gYear .

Emmanuelle: Sorry to come back to this 'unknown' issue but if we don't emit 'unknown' creators as a group then works such as 4533 seem to have no creators since it is:
bmo:PX_display_wrap "Production by :: unknown artist" , "Production by :: After unknown artist"
This seems more wrong to me than modeling 'unknown' as a group?

Vlado: Not stating any facts about creators merely means that you don't know. It doesn't mean you assert there were no creators, due to semweb's Open World Assumption.
- Asserting that a single Unknown person created all these paintings is factually incorrect.
- Asserting he was born at year 0 is historically incorrect
Even if there was a year 0: I think that "0"^^xsd:gYear is invalid and will fail RDF validation.
- Asserting that he was influenced by (created them "After") himself is logically inconsistent.
- Asserting his gender is "unknown" is useless.

If you omit all these statements, you'd lose nothing, but gain correctness.

You and Ken described valid search use cases (see [#Closely Related Group], and we've postponed how to serve them.

Getty does have a bunch of unknown artists of *known* Nationality (e.g. Unknown Afghan).
But it's better to make a straightforward statement, and then you'd be able to search by nationality:
<object/4533/production> P14_carried_out_by <thesaurus/nationality/Afghan>.

h3. Closely Related Group

{color:#000000}{*}Curatorial Comment{*}{color}

h2. Curatorial Comment
- (-) Yale: PX_curatorial_comment needs date and author added to the data model
- {jira:RS-1926}