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Lec: Awaiting Emmanuelle confirmation if subjectActor will have multiple names, currently not in LIDO
Emmanuelle: yes a fair number of our subjectActor have alternate names in addition to their preferred names.

h3. Life Dates
- (+) you don't have any date (P82_at_some_time_within) for <person-institution/142/birth/date>. This makes all the following statements useless, so kill them.
Lec: we now have P82 and are taking into account both person and groups
Lec: we now have P82
crm:P4_has_time-span <person-institution/142/birth/date>
-- - (+) Same for death
- (+) If you know whether it's a person or institution then use the respective specific subprop & subclass instead of the generic P92i, E63:
Person: P98i_was_born, E67_Birth
Group: P95i_was_formed_by, E66_Formation

(+) Lec: we have more variety in Person dates. Emmanuelle to provide some more examples
(-) This is wrong
<person-institution/6046/birth> a crm:E67_Birth ;
crm:P82_at_some_time_within <person-institution/6046/birth/date> .
<person-institution/6046/birth/date> a crm:E52_Time-Span ;
rdfs:label "1609" ;
crm:P82a_begin_of_the_begin "1609"^^xsd:gYear .
<person-institution/6046/death> a crm:E69_Death ;
crm:P82_at_some_time_within <person-institution/6046/death/date> .
<person-institution/6046/death/date> a crm:E52_Time-Span ;
rdfs:label "1672" ;
crm:P82b_end_of_the_end "1672"^^xsd:gYear .
- The relation to E52 must be P4 not P82
- You don't use P82a vs P82b depending on the nature of the event (birth or death). When you have a single event date, just use P82

Should be:
<person-institution/6046/birth> a crm:E67_Birth ;
crm:P4_has_time-span <person-institution/6046/birth/date> .
<person-institution/6046/birth/date> a crm:E52_Time-Span ;
rdfs:label "1609" ;
crm:P82_at_some_time_within "1609"^^xsd:gYear .
<person-institution/6046/death> a crm:E69_Death ;
crm:P4_has_time-span <person-institution/6046/death/date> .
<person-institution/6046/death/date> a crm:E52_Time-Span ;
rdfs:label "1672" ;
crm:P82_at_some_time_within "1672"^^xsd:gYear .

h3. Dates Variety
Lec: we have more variety in Person dates. Emmanuelle provided examples, Vlado provided Turtle code:
- Some institutions have documented dates of existence: Published by Advanced Graphics London, 1969-present in []
<person-institution/11215> a E74_Group, skos:Concept; # not E21_Person! If you know it's incorporated, use E40_Legal_Body (see next section)
skos:prefLabel "Advanced Graphics London";
P92i_was_brought_into_existence_by <person-institution/11215/birth>;
# P93i_was_taken_out_of_existence_by <person-institution/11215/death>; # NO death/date, therefore omit this altogether
- Creator that is an institution: Monro School (but no documented dates of existence in our system): []
Same as above
- institution as Rights Administrator: Design and Artists Copyright Society in []
We don't map this, see [#Copyrighted]
- Richard Wilson, 1712 or 1713-1782 in []
<person-institution/N/birth/date> a crm:E52_Time-Span ;
rdfs:label "1712 or 1713" ;
crm:P82a_begin_of_the_begin "1712"^^xsd:gYear ;
crm:P82b_end_of_the_end "1713"^^xsd:gYear
- Damien Hirst, born 1965 in []
Skip all of these altogether:
# <person-institution/N> P100i_died_in <person-institution/N/death>.
# <person-institution/N/death> a E69_Death;
# <person-institution/N/death/date> P4_has_time-span.
# <person-institution/N/death/date> HAS NONE
- John Samuel Agar, ca. 1770-after 1820 in []
<person-institution/N/death/date> a crm:E52_Time-Span ;
rdfs:label "after 1820" ;
crm:P82a_begin_of_the_begin "1712"^^xsd:gYear ;
crm:P82b_end_of_the_end "1713"^^xsd:gYear
- Print made by John Bruce, fl. 1826 in []
"Flourit" can be modeled as E7_Activity that the person P12i_was_present_at, see [BMX Issues#Person / Biographical Dates]

(+) Lec: LIDO may not contain the correct data in the eraliestDate earliestDate and latestDate in vitalRecord for all dates esp., most of these above are in Display, so I recommend we ignore for time being
(?) Vlado: ok, but first consider the Turtle snippets above

h3. Person vs Group vs Institution
If you can distinguish in LIDO different kinds of Actors (Person/ Group (informal)/ Legal Body (institution)) then use specific subclasses and subprops. The number of dashes below shows class nesting:
| *Actor* | *Begin* | *begin prop* | *end* | *end prop* |
| E39_Actor | E63_Beginning_of_Existence | P92i_was_brought_into_existence_by | E64_End_of_Existence | P93i_was_taken_out_of_existence_by |
| -E21_Person | -E67_Birth | P98i_was_born | -E69_Death | P100i_died_in |
| -E74_Group | -E66_Formation | P95i_was_formed_by | -E68_Dissolution | P99i_was_dissolved_by |
| --E40_Legal_Body | -E66_Formation | P95i_was_formed_by | -E68_Dissolution | P99i_was_dissolved_by |
URLs: strictly speaking "/birth" and "/death" are correct only for E21_Person, but it's good enough to also use for other actors

(+) Lec: we are taking into account both person and groups
(?) Vlado: consider the extended version above. You don't have to distinguish E40_Legal_Body: you can stick with E74_Group

h2. Thesaurus URIs