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I think having a Brand Names Facet is logically inconsistent. These are Techniques, Materials etc; so they should be put in the corresponding facet, and have a flag to mark them as Brand Name. I'll talk to Getty

Emmanuelle:  yes, we are using Formica (TM) as a material that went in the making of the table in Damien Hirst's installation [|]

This is the path of the 'Formica (TM)' term that we indexed:&nbsp;Formica (TM) / <plastic by production method> / plastic / organic material / <materials by composition> / materials / Materials / MATERIALS FACET / Art & Architecture Thesaurus

As Valimir explains above, in our 15\+ year old copy of the AAT there is no&nbsp;[<brand name materials>|]&nbsp;facet. The term is in the Material facet. &nbsp;The current online AAT has a&nbsp;[<brand name materials>|]&nbsp;facet, but it still does not include Formica (TM).

h3. Searchable/Taggable Thesauri

This URL doesn't return anything, but you can append parameters to get what you need.
- the tile URLs are of this form:
- If you request a non-existing GUID, you get "Error: No response from server []". Occasionally I get the same error for an existing GUID, but that is a temporary outage
- another client that also implements IIIF tiles is OpenSeadragon (and one can get sample code to implement the same):
crm:P50_has_current_keeper <> ;
If you don't have departments, don't say anything (you already say that YCBA is the keeper).\\
Emmanuelle: &nbsp;We do pass departments designations to our XML files in the OAI&nbsp;<setSpec>{color:#000000}ycba:ps{color}</setSpec>. &nbsp;Frames are included in the Paintings & Scupture department.