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h3. Meta-Thesaurus

(-) Each thesaurus (ConceptScheme) used by Yale should be described in [Meta-Thesaurus and FR Names#YCBA Thesauri|Meta-Thesaurus and FR Names#YCBA Thesauri] (this section will be merged to the rest of the table)
This applies to both Getty and YCBA-local thesauri.

Each ConceptScheme determines a CRM type (rso:hasRange), which in term determines which FRs (searches) are applicable to it. The mechanism is described in [Meta-Thesaurus and FR Names#Thesaurus to FR Compatibility|Meta-Thesaurus and FR Names#Thesaurus to FR Compatibility]. Consequently RS needs each term to be attached to a single ConceptScheme.

The CRM types are shown on the diagram at the end of that page, and listed below. For each CRM type we give the relevant ConceptSchemes. While ULAN and TGN map to one type, AAT comprises several [Facets|] (top-level URLs) that map to different types:
- crm:E57_Material: AAT Materials Facet
- rso:E55_Technique: AAT Activities Facet (includes Processes and Techniques)
- crm:E55_Type: all the rest of AAT: Objects, Associated Concepts, Physical Attributes, Agents (these are kinds of agents, not specific agents\!), Brand Names (see [#Brand Names])
- crm:E58_Measurement_Unit (not searchable): YCBA Units
- crm:E31_Document (not searchable): YCBA Bibliography

h3. Brand Names

(-) Yale to check whether they use any terms from the [Brand Names Facet|], in particular:
- [<brand name materials>|], such as Teflon (TM), Tupperware (TM).

h3. Searchable/Taggable Thesauri

Emmanuelle: It would be helpful to briefly go over the definitions for searchable and tagable.
- Searchable is a thesaurus that can be used in FR search. The list of FRs is [Meta-Thesaurus and FR Names#FR Names Table|Meta-Thesaurus and FR Names#FR Names Table] and the detailed definitions are [FR Implementation]. Examples:
This URL doesn't return anything, but you can append parameters to get what you need.
- the tile URLs are of this form:
- If you request a non-existing GUID, you get "Error: No response from server []". Occasionally I get the same error for an existing GUID, but that is a temporary outage
- another client that also implements IIIF tiles is OpenSeadragon (and one can get sample code to implement the same):
skos:prefLabel "Yale Center for British Art" .
- (-) This is wrong, it should describe the specific sub-organization (department) (see [YCBA sub-orgs|#YCBA sub-orgs]?):
crm:P50_has_current_keeper <> ;
If you don't have departments, don't say anything (you already say that YCBA is the keeper).\\
Emmanuelle: &nbsp;We do pass departments designations to our XML files in the OAI&nbsp;<setSpec>{color:#000000}ycba:ps{color}</setSpec>. &nbsp;Frames are included in the Paintings & Scupture department.

h2. Current Location

h2. Prints and Drawings

- Search fields: